MAIL.BOX.ART | No.1 – 2018

MAIL.BOX.ART | NO. 1 – 2018

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

We’d like to share our love for art with you, so this year we decided to start a project we’re calling MAIL.BOX.ART. Throughout the year we’ll be commissioning a piece of art from a Portland based artist that we’ll be mailing to our friends and clients. We are so excited to support local artists and we hope you enjoy, savor and save each piece. If you’re interested in receiving awesome art – Sign Up Here!


Megan Krzmarzick is a visual artist living and working in Portland, Ore. She specializes in painting abstracts on paper and canvas. Instagram: @messengerbird
“We are constantly challenged in our everyday lives to find meaning and direction, often defining ourselves through creativity and connection. It’s important for me to invite the viewer into an ongoing conversation with my work to help them better understand this dynamic. That’s why I paint with process in mind rather than the actual finished product. I believe that when I refrain from dictating explanation it encourages someone to imbue the art with their own story and imagination, to play into the process of meaning-seeking. Dramatic color, movement, and texture in brushstrokes visualize emotions and narrative in the moment while leaving space for the viewer to interpret the work based on their own experience.”

Artist Photo Credit: @Art.Fare


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