“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
- Pablo Picasso

Thought the year we will be commissioning a piece of art from a Portland based artist as part of a passion project we're calling MAIL.BOX.ART. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to Portland's vibrant art scene. Each piece is meant to be enjoyed, savored, saved or shared. Do you want to receive awesome art? Sign up here - SEND ME ART!

MAIL.BOX.ART | No.4 - 2019


RYAN BUBNIS is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and educator based in Portland, Oregon.
Bold, graphic and deceptively simple, Bubnis’ imagery lives in the space between the abstract and representational. Equally influenced by DIY culture, art history, illustration, and design, he explores themes of memory, nostalgia, good vibes, and the human condition.
Bubnis has collaborated with a number of commercial clients and agencies and his work has been exhibited across the U.S. and abroad. He is currently an Assistant Professor at The Pacific Northwest College of Art and is usually covered in cat hair.
Ryan's work can be found online at: | IG: @RyanBubnis

MAIL.BOX.ART | No.3 - 2019


LISA ONSTAD During the past fifteen years Lisa has worked as an art therapist, managed a letterpress print shop, and taught painting and book arts workshops. These days, when she’s not teaching or making art in her North Portland studio, she enjoys wandering the trails of Forest Park and planning her next trip. Her work can be found at Waterstone Gallery in the Pearl District or online at | IG: @lisaonstad

ARTIST STATEMENT:  Although my paintings evolve intuitively, I always start with images and colors inspired by my travels. I welcome serendipity into my creative process and work on finding a balance between chance and intention - while at the same time trying to capture the particular essence of a place. Working quickly with wide brushes, I build up several layers of acrylic paint before sanding down the surface to reveal a dreamlike image full of soft edges and pools of color. Next, I respond to this random combination of brushstroke and color by adding detail, definition and refinement to create the final composition. ~ Lisa Onstad

MAIL.BOX.ART | No.2 - 2018

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REED CLARKE is a Portland, Oregon artist specializing in drawing and painting. His works are featured in art galleries in Portland and throughout the Northwest. — Facebook: @reed.clarke

The subjects of Reed’s paintings and drawings are usually people. On one level, his drawings and paintings try to express in a visual language the thoughts and feelings he has about these subjects. At the same time, he does not want to subordinate the medium to the image. It’s more important to him to express the process of painting and to use the paint as a plastic substance. Ideally, something unplanned for happens between the paint and the subject while he is distracted with the process. The challenge is to paint over the early pleasing parts of a painting to arrive at something beyond what he thought was going to be the destination when the painting was begun. Often the process of painting has something to say in the resolution that’s right for the particular painting.

MAIL.BOX.ART | No.1 - 2018

NO.1 -2018

Megan Krzmarzick is a visual artist living and working in Portland, Ore. She specializes in painting abstracts on paper and canvas.
Instagram: @messengerbird

"We are constantly challenged in our everyday lives to find meaning and direction, often defining ourselves through creativity and connection. It’s important for me to invite the viewer into an ongoing conversation with my work to help them better understand this dynamic. That’s why I paint with process in mind rather than the actual finished product. I believe that when I refrain from dictating explanation it encourages someone to imbue the art with their own story and imagination, to play into the process of meaning-seeking. Dramatic color, movement, and texture in brushstrokes visualize emotions and narrative in the moment while leaving space for the viewer to interpret the work based on their own experience."